With PayPal New Function Now Pay by QR Code

With PayPal New Function Now Pay by QR Code

With PayPal New Function Now Pay by QR Code

With PayPal New Function Now Pay by QR Code, With the launch of new functions, PayPal is now taking the first steps on the way to becoming a “full service” provider. At first glance, the changes are obvious, because, with the additional functions, the payment service provider is also introducing a revised layout.

With PayPal New Function Now Pay by QR Code

Donate money and pay by QR code: PayPal introduces new functions

In addition to the personal PayPal account balance, part of the new start overview is an overview of the functions of PayPal: Regular payments and the new option to pay by QR code can be found under “Payments”, in the “Wallet” the associated means of payment, such as credit cards, collected (source: PayPal ).

“Send money” is still available, and the “Pay later” variants can also be found again. The so-called “PayPal Generosity Network” is new. PayPal customers can set up donation campaigns here, activate them worldwide and share them with friends and acquaintances. Each fundraising campaign can collect up to 20,000 euros for a good cause within 30 days. The money will be transferred to the initiator’s account after it has expired, explains the company.

Most recently, PayPal discontinued a popular and quite similar function. With Money pools to collect the money left for example, for joint expenses from multiple sources.

PayPal’s chat function is also new. The aim is to avoid users having to use other messenger apps to exchange money for a transfer, only to return to PayPal for the actual transaction. With PayPal, however, only direct chatting with one person is possible, groups are not provided. Correspondingly, the PayPal chat is not independent but rather linked to the “send and receive money” function.

PayPal’s best feature launches in the US this year

PayPal officially launched the new app on Tuesday. It will be rolled out to all German users in the next few weeks. But in Germany you still have to do without an important function, which is starting this year in the USA: interest-bearing savings account in PayPal (source: The Verge ). In contrast to the current negative interest rate situation, the 0.4 percent interest rate without fees would certainly be attractive for PayPal customers from Germany. Further new functions are planned for the future.

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