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The nationwide abortion rights parade

The nationwide abortion rights parade

The nationwide abortion rights parade

A national parade launched by nearly 200 civil rights, abortion rights, and liberal organizations was launched on the 2nd to protest against serious threats to women’s abortion rights. However, the organizers estimated that the number of participants was about 40,000. Hundreds of events were held in big cities; the number of participants was only a fraction of the 4 million female activists who took to the streets in 2017. After testing Trump’s resignation, Democratic voters’ enthusiasm for midterm elections.

The nationwide abortion rights parade

The New York Times reported on the 2nd that many women fear Trump’s re-election and propositions such as abortion rights will face serious challenges. Therefore, they will actively participate in political activities in 2020 and care about the election. Only after Biden is elected, they feel that they can take a break. For a while, many people didn’t even know that a women’s parade would be held on the 2nd to support abortion rights.

The 2017 National Women’s Parade wanted to express anger towards Trump’s inauguration as President, but the scale of the parade has been reduced year by year. Those who withdrew from the parade pointed out that there were various reasons for not participating, such as the epidemic is still there, and Biden has felt political after he was elected. Propositions such as fatigue, racial equality, or transgender rights seem to be more important.

Although the Democratic Party regards the struggle for abortion rights as a political bonus issue for the 2022 midterm elections, the strategists in the party are worried that the enthusiasm of supporters will fade, indicating that the otherwise difficult midterm elections will be even worse.

The Democratic Party also found that it has struggled to deal with a series of public health, economic and foreign policy crises; the progressives and centrists are at odds with each other, Biden’s governance satisfaction has declined, and internal affairs and economic construction are still stuck in Congress. Other propositions that can be used to mobilize the Democratic Party’s fundamentals include the formal enactment of the right to abortion as a federal law because the Democratic Party has only the weakest majority in Congress and it is very difficult to pass the test.

According to polls and interviews, voters expressed concern about the future of abortion rights. For example, Texas passed the NSW law to prohibit abortion after more than six weeks. It is correct to make them more willing to vote in the midterm, but they suspect that abortion is a constitutional right. It was completely overthrown, and that it is more important to manage the new crown epidemic. Many people who are passionate about national politics because of Trump’s administration now prefer to shift their focus to state and local politics, thinking that changes should be promoted at those levels. The opportunity is greater.

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