IPhone 13 drop resistance test camera lens is broken

IPhone 13 drop resistance test camera lens is broken

IPhone 13 drop resistance test camera lens is broken

AppleInsider Apple’s website specializing in news reports, product safety quotient Allstate Protection Plans in the name of science for iPhone series ruggedness tests, the new listing of iPhone 13 is no exception. The conclusion of Allstate’s recent test is that the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and iPhone 12, 12 Pro have no difference in the degree of drop resistance.

IPhone 13 drop resistance test camera lens is broken

Allstate uses a consistent set of “falling on the concrete sidewalk” for comparison. This time the iPhone 13 was also dropped from a 6-foot height (approximately 183 cm) face down. The first time it was fine, the second time the edge of the screen was cracked, and the aluminum frame at the point of impact was obviously scratched. The screen of the heavier iPhone 13 Pro was cracked when it was dropped for the first time.

The back-down drop test found that the iPhone 13 was fine twice before the fall, and the camera lens and edges were damaged the third time. When the iPhone 13 Pro was dropped for the first time, the lens and glass shattered.

Allstate added this year to the iPhone with a protective cover. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 can only be dropped twice, and the camera lens is damaged the third time, but the iPhone 13 Pro is okay even if it is dropped three times.

AppleInsider said that the test found that the 13 and 12 are equivalent to the drop resistance, which is not surprising because the iPhone’s new machine this year has roughly the same appearance compared with last year. The Allstate test is actually more dramatic than scientific. After all, when the phone is actually used daily, there will be various variables in the situation of the phone falling, such as the height, the angle, the material of the falling impact surface, and so on. In short, buying a well-designed protective cover can reduce the risk of having to spend a lot of money to send it for repair.

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