In Los Angeles men and women fell 300 feet into a canyon and were rescued by the iPhone 14 function

In Los Angeles men and women fell 300 feet into a canyon and were rescued by the iPhone 14 function

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones this year, and added functions such as car accident detection and satellite SOS emergency help. Although there have been some cases of misjudgment in these functions, they have also played a role in saving many lives; a man and a woman in Los Angeles recently Thanks to the above functions, rescuers successfully rescued them because they fell into a gorge 300 feet deep (about 91 meters) in a car accident.

According to a “9to5mac” report, the man and woman were driving through the Los Angeles Forest Highway (Angeles Forest Highway) in the Los Angeles National Forest on December 13, and fell into a 300-foot-deep canyon due to a car accident. One of them’s iPhone 14 activated car accident detection. The system recorded the incident.

Although the two were able to escape smoothly at the time, because the location was too remote, the mobile phone could not receive the signal at all, so they activated the satellite SOS emergency function of the mobile phone and successfully connected to the Apple relay center, and the relay center also learned of the accident. Immediately report the situation to the rescue unit, and the first batch of rescuers rushed to the scene.

The search and rescue team pointed out that because the satellite service and the Apple relay center provided the accurate latitude and longitude positions of the two people, the helicopter quickly found the two people, and they were rescued and sent to the local hospital. Fortunately, the two people suffered only minor injuries and were not life-threatening. .

In November, Apple took the lead in launching the satellite SOS emergency rescue function in the United States and Canada, and in December it opened the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Ireland.

In addition, it must be noted that if the user purchased the iPhone 14 in China, Hong Kong, Macau, etc., the satellite SOS emergency function is not supported, and it cannot be used even in other open countries.

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