Copycat Megatron version appeared everywhere

Copycat Megatron version appeared everywhere

Copycat Megatron version appeared everywhere

“Megatron” (also translated as “Mikaden”) of Beijing Universal Studios became popular because of its wit and humor in interacting with tourists and chatting with tourists. It can be rented or sold, and many netizens say that “Megatron”, which is emerging endlessly in various places, is a copycat version.

Copycat Megatron version appeared everywhere

Jimu News reported that during the 11th long holiday, at the entrance of a shopping mall in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, a “Megatron” was swaying and dancing with the music. Netizens said that because of its dull voice, there is no Universal Studios Beijing in appearance and interactive dialogue with tourists. The “Megatron” of “Megatron” is exquisite and witty. Some netizens joked that its cerebral infarction version and Parkinson’s version of “Megatron” brought neither joy nor could it be infringement.

“Megatron” also appeared in a car town in Puyang, Henan, where you can buy both a house and a car. The staff said that during the National Day period, “Megatron” will only be exhibited from the 1st to the 3rd. It is only one hour a day, at 10 o’clock in the morning, and it is played by a real person standing in the shape of the machine. As for the source of the robot, the other party said it might be rented.

In addition, in Zhumadian, Henan, there were reports that “Megatron” came to the chrysanthemum exhibition here. In the video, next to this “Megatron” there is another transformer “Optimus Prime” (also translated as “Ke Bowen”), and the two walk together in the Chrysanthemum Exhibition area to interact with tourists.

According to reports, there are many machinery companies renting and selling “Megatron” and other Transformers on the Internet. A salesperson of a company in Shandong that rents out and sells Transformers said that their company can rent and sell large-scale “Megatron” Transformers. 3 The price of Migao’s “Megatron” is around 6,000 yuan, and the robot is controlled by humans. After Megatron went on fire this year, the company has sold several Megatrons and rented out more than a dozen Megatrons. As for whether the company has the authorization of the copyright company, you have to ask the boss to know.

In addition, a recent video of “two groups of people fighting in Universal Studios” attracted the attention of netizens. The Beijing Youth Daily reported that at 18:00 on September 30, Liu Nan and his family watched the “Float Parade” performance, and caused a physical conflict with Zhao Nu and his group because of the problem of occupying the “viewing position”. After work, four persons involved, including Liu Nan and Zhao Nu, have been administratively detained by Tongzhou Public Security Bureau according to law.

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