Basketball Association of America NBA

Basketball Association of America NBA

Basketball Association of America NBA

The new NBA season has officially started, and it will also usher in the 75th anniversary of the first game in history. When the NBA was founded in 1946, there were only 11 teams with 160 players. At that time, not only was the playing field small, the players were not tall, and the league was not called the NBA.

Basketball Association of America NBA

The Associated Press reported that after more than 70 years, the NBA, formerly known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA), has changed in many ways, and the teams have continued to improve as time goes by.

In the first few years of the NBA, each team lost a lot of money. Some teams disbanded after only participating in the first season. At that time, the NBA did not have a large number of fans to follow and had little influence on social issues, and all the players were white.

League opening match on November 1, 1946, held by the New York Knicks guest Toronto Huskies team (Toronto Huskies), the effectiveness of the New York Knicks of Xieketeman (Ossie Schectman) dropped into history’s first goal, write down the NBA so far Continue to accumulate the first 2 points of 13.7 million points when he only scored $60 in a game.

The National Basketball Association and the National Basketball League (NBL) merged in 1949 and then changed its name to the NBA. However, the NBA still regards the previous three years as a part of its history.

In an interview in 2010, 3 years before his death, Schechterman said: “At the time, we players didn’t know what the future (NBA) would be like.” Top representatives in the field.”

Over time, Shechtman got the answer, and the NBA has indeed set off a wave in the sports world.

The Philadelphia Warriors, now renamed the Golden State Warriors, defeated the Chicago Stags in 1947 and won the league’s first championship. However, at the beginning of the next season, four of the original 11 teams were disbanded, and the league added a team from Baltimore to play against another seven teams in the second season.

By 1949, the situation had turned for the better. The league has as many as 17 teams, more than twice the original number, and the teams have also begun to turn losses into profits.

The Japanese-American Wat Misaka was selected by the New York Nick in the 1947 NBA Draft and became the first non-white player and the first Asian player to enter the NBA. Although the racial barrier has been broken, almost everyone I didn’t notice, partly because he only played 3 games. The first group of African-American players joined the league three years later, which completely changed the appearance of NBA games.

This is the first time that Ziman has been released since the media published a picture of Ziman being taken to the hospital on the 10th. The 10th was the day after the Czech general election when he was obviously unconscious.

The media reported that Ziman suffered from severe liver disease due to excessive alcoholism. The hospital report released on the 18th stated that his condition prevented him from performing his presidency.

The film was shot on the 14th, when Ziman signed a resolution to convene a meeting of members of the new section of parliament on November 8. In the film, he is wearing blue and white plaid pajamas, wearing glasses, lying on a hospital bed, standing next to the bed with staff and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Radek Vondracek.

The hospital pointed out that the doctor did not agree to let Vondraček visit Ziman. In the film, Ziman told von Draček that this is the “deadline” stipulated by the constitution; and quoted a German proverb that “time wins everything.

As a Chinese visiting scholarMrZeng is a professor of biologyHis studies expired in January this year and he plans to return to China with his underage sonHe did not expect that the road back to China would be so bumpyBecause of the strict Chinese entry policy of the new crown epidemicthe father and son moved from the east to Los Angeles after several twists and turnsThey bought air tickets three times and refunded and changed their ticketsIt took two months to finally return to China.

considering that the visa period of the visiting scholar has expiredMrZeng must return home immediatelyHe hurriedly refunded the flight ticket from New York to Shanghai and took his son to Los Angeles the next day to plan a double test again to see what the result wasOn the day of arriving in Los Angeles on January 22MrZeng and his son carried out an expedited double test in the designated laboratoryThe test results of both showed double negativeUnder such circumstanceshe immediately purchased the Los Angeles on January 24For a ticket to BeijingI want to board the plane within the 48hour double test result validity period.

But when MrZeng applied for a health code with the test results on the evening of the 22ndhe discovered that his account had been locked by the systemAccording to MrZengs statementhe was advised to wait 14 days to unlockso he had to change the ticket until February 7and the change fee cost US$2,800On February 514 days have passed since the first application for the health code on January 19MrZengs application for the health code again was still rejectedThe reply he got this time was that he needed to provide three reports of negative nucleic acid tests within 14 daysThe hospital chest radiograph diagnosis certificateafter being reviewed and approved by the embassy and consulatecan apply for a health code after double testing.

The helpless MrZeng refunded the ticket for the second time and could only choose to continue living in Los AngelesHe bought the ticket for the third time when all the tests passedand finally got on the flight back to China on March 21The whole process took a long timeA total of 2 months.

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