Apple iPhone 13 physical Order Scheduled in October

Apple iPhone 13 physical Order Scheduled in October

Apple iPhone 13 physical Order Scheduled in October

Apple’s iPhone 13 series mobile phones will be sold in physical stores on the 23rd. It will test whether the new photography functions and the preferential schemes forced by telecom companies can attract consumers to accept this slightly revised model, which is ridiculed as “the weakest upgrade in history.” “Smartphone.

Apple iPhone 13 physical Order Scheduled in October

Apple began accepting pre-orders on the 17th, and new products-iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max-arrived in stores today, and consumers can get them. The biggest changes this year include the smaller “bangs” at the top of the screen, the addition of a film effect mode to the camera function, the increase of battery life for several hours, and the speed of the processor.

There is no major change in the appearance of the iPhone 13, which may cause some consumers to postpone the replacement until next year. But Apple enjoys assistance, including the possibility of more popular 5G networks attracting consumers. Because of fierce competition, US telecom companies are also offering discounts and promotions.

Companies such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have reduced subsidies in the past few years, but now provide incentives. In some cases, customers can almost take away an iPhone Pro with a starting price of $999 on the official website, depending on the old replacement they provide. New mobile phone models, and which tariff plan to choose.

There are already signs that discount sales may be useful. Although some Apple retail stores still have new machines in inventory, which can be purchased on-site by customers who come to the door on Friday, all iPhone 13 orders in the online store have been scheduled to be picked up in October.

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